Everyone is looking for a place where they can get all the amenities nearby and feel a sense of belonging. Nowadays, people want to live in a housing society as it helps them connect with others and enjoy together.

If you are looking for the same at an affordable price, check the different residential properties of GYC. Let’s check out the features which make GYC a prime choice for residential investors.

Gaur Yamuna City, A place with best housing societies

Situated on the Yamuna Expressway, Gaur Yamuna City offers different residential properties established in a housing society that helps connect people and promote community living. The township is best for the people who want to live where they feel peace with one another and connect.

Different societies are present in the township, like Gaur Yamuna City 16th park view, Krishna Villas and many more. The residents can enjoy different benefits in living in a community like:

  • It is beneficial for old age people as it helps in promoting better health, a peaceful mind and an improved mood.
  • Community living enhances mental power and reduces the risk of heart disease, which helps encourage the overall health of the residents.
  • Most people find housing societies better because they won’t feel alone as they find someone close to them, like neighbours, community groups and other staff who is always available for help.
  • Community living offers 24X7 security measures which make the resident feel safe.

Why should people choose GYC for their homes?

GYC is one of the best properties available in Greater Noida, giving residents a sense of home through Gaur Yamuna City 16th ParkView, and other properties and its amenities. Therefore, let’s check out what makes the GYC a perfect option for your home.

1. Easy Accessibility to commercial areas

In the GYC township, the residents can find the general store and another shopping centre. It makes it a perfect choice for families with old age people and kids as they don’t have to travel much to get the necessary items.

2. Under developing infrastructure

Many properties near the GYC properties are under construction, but when those properties become functional, they will get the attention of other people, which results in more traffic. Therefore, it attracts more people towards housing societies.

3. Homes in between nature

Most of the GYC properties are located between the green belt which makes the people feel relaxed and calm. Most people want their home to be situated where they can get away from the rush life of the city and live in a calm place in nature.

Therefore, this housing society offers the best Parkview and Lakeview properties which calms your mind and freshens up your mood.

Best amenities and facilities found in GYC

If you are confused about choosing GYC residential properties as your new home, check out these amenities that will help you make your choice easier.

  • The township gives top-class amenities that help connect people with one another, like a community hall, amphitheatre (An open-air theatre), indoor sports club, ground area for cricket, basketball, lawn tennis, swimming pool, etc.
  •  You won’t have to worry about security as the township follows all the safety protocols, which make the residents feel safe.
  •  The property has well-established connectivity to different parts of Delhi and UP, which helps in saving travelling time and helps reach the destination with less traffic.
  •  You can find hospitals, education institutes, and other established commercial properties like Buddh Circuit International Stadium.

What are the best options for residential properties in GYC?

If you want park view properties, check out the Gaur Yamuna City 16th park view, which faces opposite the F1 Buddh Circuit stadium. It gives a relaxing view as it is located in the green belt and offers a lake boating facility.

GYC 16th Parkview gives residential properties at a reasonable price with the best amenities, making it a prime choice for residential investors who want to live in a community or society. It is close to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, Noida International Airport and the new Film City.

Other best residential properties found in GYC township are Gaur Yamuna City 32nd ParkView and GYC 2nd Parkview. If you want luxurious properties, you can check out the villas in the township, which are established with unique themes and modern designs.


Living in a housing society or community living is the best option for families with old age people and small children. Therefore, most residential investors opt for the properties in the GYC because of the well-established housing societies with modern amenities.

You can check out the residential properties in GYC at affordable prices and experience community living with the best facilities in the township.