Everyone is looking to invest in real estate properties at affordable prices, but the housing trend keeps changing. Nowadays, people are unsatisfied with ordinary houses as the new generation wants to invest in advanced real estate.

Therefore, if you are looking for modern architecture and facilities, check out the new demands which is taking over the real estate market.

Why are people moving towards new housing trends?

As the technologies are improving and people want to utilize their time, many real estate investors started finding properties built with advanced technologies that offer the best amenities. Here are why people are interested in new housing trends rather than investing in the same old architecture.

  • As the new generation, i.e., Gen Z, is taking over the business, their needs and way of thinking differ from their successor, i.e., Millennials. Therefore, the demand for modern housing is increasing in every city.
  • People are looking for new housing societies that offer all the modern amenities and facilities that help ease life and save energy. One of the examples of modern living is Gaur Runway Suites.
  • People like to improve their living and feel luxury because of increased spending power. Therefore, most investors start choosing luxury over basic properties.

What are the factors that help in selecting the right property?

Selecting the right property will help you get better returns in the future and also makes it easy for you to find the tenant. Therefore, the factors help select the right real estate property.

  • First, it is essential to find the right location that is well-connected to different areas. No one wants to invest where they find it difficult to move toward other areas.
  • The neighborhood should be developed and have basic facilities nearby, like a hospital, educational institutes, and other established properties that improve the property’s valuation for the future.
  • Amenities and facilities play an essential role in attracting investors as people demand world-class amenities, which helps in improving their lifestyles.
  • It is important to check out the security and safety of the area. You can quickly check out the crime rates and activities online or the records in the main library.
  • Make sure that you invest in an affordable property so that you can get better returns. Investing in the high price property could be risky and may disturb your financial goals.

What are the new housing trends in India?

Here are some new trends changing the real estate industry, especially the residential ones. Let’s check out the new housing trends taking over real estate.

1. International Standard Amenities and Facilities

Nowadays, people are searching for residential and commercial properties that give them world-class amenities and facilities as they are looking for methods to improve their lifestyle and social status, getting top amenities like in-built gyms and fitness centers, swimming pools, club activity areas, and many more.

2. Technology upgradation

The newest trend in real estate is intelligent technologies through which people can control electrical appliances through their phones. These things help save money and resources as the person can easily control the room temperature from anywhere.

3. Attracting NRI for investment

Many NRIs show interest in investing the real estate properties in India. Therefore, everyone is looking for places and facilities which make the property perfect for the NRI investment so that they can earn a better return. Many metropolitan cities are attracting NRIs for investment, like Noida, Delhi, and Bengaluru, but Type B cities are also getting a boost because of NRI investment.

4. Homes closer to the IT companies

People are investing in residential properties close to IT and other established companies so they can find it easy to reach the work area. Also, if the property is close to the companies, it would be easy to find the tenants as many people need accommodation, especially those who shifted from their hometown for job search.

Is it a profitable decision to invest in modern housing societies?

If you plan to get good returns on your real estate investment, then investing in modern housing societies would be best. As people demand modern amenities and facilities which helps in making their life better, it would be best to choose a property like Gaur Runway Suites or another in the GYC township that offers these facilities at affordable price.

Investing in these properties at present will help you get better returns in the future, and that’s why people are getting more interested in finding a suitable real estate investment.


As the buyer’s demand is changing towards real estate, it’s safe to invest in those properties which fulfill all the conditions related to the amenities, smart technologies, spacious apartments, etc.

Check out the upcoming projects of the Gaur Yamuna City and see the benefits after investing in them with modern facilities that match the customer’s needs.