The National Capital Region (NCR) is witnessing a real estate transformation in the residential segment. New investors are pooling up to invest in their dream homes. The market that once looked flooded with the demand for affordable housing is not seeing a shift as consumers prefer spacious and more luxurious properties.

However, for both seasoned and first-time investors, there are regions like the Yamuna Expressway and Greater Noida where they can make significant investments. These areas offer different properties catering for different segments and tend to provide something for everyone.

Nonetheless, Gaur Yamuna City (GYC) is a well-known name to investo

rs who regularly invest in NCR. There are many reasons why investors should pay attention to this massive township along the Yamuna Expressway, particularly those wishing to make investments in NCR.

As a result, we have included every factor that makes this township a unique investment option to make it your new home with all available options.

About Gaur Yamuna City- The Destination Next

Gaur Yamuna City is a world unto itself, spanning more than a million square meters on the Yamuna Expressway. Investors can find something they like in an integrated, self-sustaining township with ample greenery and modern amenities.

The township provides investment opportunities, with over ten ongoing real estate developments. You have every choice, whether you are searching for a villa (available in Gaur Krishna Villas) or a studio apartment on Yamuna Expressway.

With broad streets, schools, gardens, man-made lakes, high-street stores, and shopping centres, you have all the amenities for a contemporary lifestyle.

Strategically located next to the Yamuna Expressway, it has a bright future for infrastructure growth. Affordability is not a concern since plots available here are competitive compared to other properties in the nearby cities of Delhi and Gurugram. For investing in plots, you can choose Gaur Yamuna City 16th Park View or consider Gaur Waterfront Plots. Each of them has its perks and benefits depending on what suits your convenience.

Why Invest in GYC?

There are five significant reasons you should consider investing in GYC.


  • It is next to Yamuna Expressway, providing easy connectivity to Delhi and surrounding cities such as Mathura and Agra.
  • It is strategically positioned close to significant investment hubs that will generate many job opportunities in the next few years.
  • This is also the first township next to the upcoming Noida International Airport.


  • Gaur Yamuna City will have a nearby metro station connecting the NCR to the upcoming Noida International Airport.
  • Pod taxis that will connect the airport with Film City are proposed to pass through the township.
  • The Yamuna Expressway’s Bus Rapid Transit will make travelling between neighbouring locations easier.
  • With an upcoming international airport nearby, township residents will have ease of travelling.
  • With six lanes, the Yamuna Expressway will link the township to Delhi and Agra, Mathura and later to Lucknow.

Infrastructure Development-

  • International sporting arenas like racing circuits, International Cricket Stadium, and Golf Course
  • An Olympic Village is proposed
  • Aerocity
  • Physical infrastructure includes connectivity, healthcare, schools and civic amenities
  • Textile, toy, electronic, medical device, and apparel park proposed

Affordability and Future Demand-

Compared to the exploding real estate prices of Delhi and Gurugram, plots available in Gaur Yamuna City 16th Parkview and Gaur Waterfront Plot are quite affordable.

Government-run housing programs ensure that lower- and middle-class citizens receive perks and cheaper interest rates on their house loans.

The region’s population will grow to approximately four million by the next decade. This results from the enormous number of jobs that will be created on the Yamuna Expressway once the IT parks and manufacturing facilities open. When that happens, there will be a great demand from tenants for rentals, and investors will be able to take advantage of both capital gain and consistent rental income.

This is advantageous for the commercial studio apartments along the Yamuna Expressway and the Villas available in Gaur Krishna Villas. A rising population will lead to a demand for services and recreational facilities. This will provide significant growth opportunities and strengthen the local economy in the area. 


The National Capital Region’s newest real estate investment destination is Gaur Yamuna City.

An integrated township that is self-sufficient and offers excellent services and amenities is all you need to live peacefully. The township is ideally close to future employment and educational centres and only a 10-minute drive from the upcoming Noida International Airport.

The competition to purchase real estate close to the future Jewar Airport and the growing need for houses are growing quickly. Thus, this is the ideal time to invest in a Yamuna Expressway studio apartment if you’ve been eyeing one.