Are you looking for properties that help in improving your lifestyle? Nowadays, people are attracted to the luxurious lifestyle and better amenities that make their life easier and better. Amenities and facilities help in increasing the property’s valuation and demand in the market.

Therefore, let’s check the effects of amenities and facilities on GYC’s property value and whether it’s a profitable investment for the investors or not.

Why amenities are important in Real Estate?

Amenities are the features that help improve the lifestyle and quality of life. Most people have started looking for top-class amenities and facilities in real estate properties.

Invest in the properties like GYC 16th Park View with amenities like a swimming pool, gymnasium, clubhouse, etc. It makes a difference in your present property value as you can get better value for the same property with the amenities.

That’s why many people are looking for the properties like Gaur Yamuna City to invest their money. They are getting the best amenities and facilities, which helps attract tenants and buyers.

What are the benefits of having amenities in real estate property?

Here are some of the benefits for you if you invest in properties with amenities and facilities:

  • Amenities like clubhouse, sports area and swimming pool section help attract tenants and buyers. If the property has great amenities, it will help to attract the investors and buyers.
  • These amenities also help increase the property’s price and help you get good returns when you want to resale it.
  • Without the amenities, it would be difficult to find the tenants as no one wants to get their hands on the properties where they won’t find anything inside the society. It would be best if there’s a fitness center or recreational area present inside the society.

What are the amenities that you will find in Gaur Yamuna City?

Gaur Yamuna City is a perfect investment opportunity at present. The township has different options for real estate investment, whether residential or commercial. Therefore, let’s check out the amenities in the GYC township, which help improve its monetary value.

1. Indoor Sports area

It refers to the badminton court, lawn tennis court, basketball court, etc., which attracts the family with kids as they can enjoy sports activity time with their friends and family member inside the township.

2. Security

Security is one of the prime amenities on everyone’s list. Everyone wants to live in a safe environment, and GYC township offers a 24X7 security service, ensuring the residents’ safety.

3. Community Hall

Community Hall allows different housing societies to unite and enjoy the event. It gives a sense of belonging to the residents and supports community living.

4. Lakeview and Parkview

GYC property is best for people who enjoy the Parkview and Lakeview scenarios. The properties in GYC offers lake view properties with boating facility and the Parkview properties that like to enjoy the greenery and like their home near nature.

5. Other best amenities

Other best amenities you will find in Gaur Yamuna City, which will help improve your lifestyle and the property’s price in the future, are 24X7 water supply, car parking, Firefighting system, rainwater harvesting, garbage disposal and many more.

What are the residential properties in GYC that give the best amenities?

All the properties in the township offer world-class amenities and facilities to the residents, which makes them invest in real estate at present. Therefore, here are some of the best residential properties in the township.

  • Gaur Krishna Villa is known for its unique theme about Lord Krishna and his journey.
  • Gaur Victorian Villas blends modern and elegant architecture that shows the cultural side.
  • GYC 16th and 32nd Parkview are best for residential people who like to invest in a place where they can feel the presence of nature and peaceful surroundings.

What are the other methods to improve the property value in the market?

If you want to resell the property at a higher price, here are some methods that can help you get the high prices for your property.

  • Ensure your property is neat and clean, as it should be presentable for the buyers. Book the deep cleaning services because they use certain chemicals and dirt-removing products which make your home look applaudable.
  • The kitchen and bathroom are the two things that every buyer or tenant checks out while looking for a property. Therefore, you must put advanced and stylish kitchen appliances that attract buyers to the property.
  • Get fresh paint on your property, as it helps make it attractive and gives it a fresh look.


Gaur Yamuna City is a good investment opportunity, especially with the world-class amenities and facilities that it offers to the residents. You can look at the amenities list that will help you increase your social status and lifestyle.