This is still the most faced dilemma by investors when it comes to the best investment opportunities in real estate. Investing in a residential property is good for many reasons such as

  • These properties come with high-end amenities already
  • These properties have a fixed possession date
  • These are ready-to-move-in as per the variant selected

However, residential plots have their unmatched benefits.  The list includes-

  • No construction cost is included during the purchase
  • You can build your dream home as per your desired design and architecture
  • It offers flexibility as it’s up to you whether you want to construct anything on them or you just want to earn returns and sell off at the right time

On Yamuna Expressway, Gaur Yamuna City 7th Parkview offers premium sports-themed residential plots within relaxed surroundings.

The benefits of investing in 7th Parkview are-

  • Experience resort-style living
  • Well-maintained gardens & lush green surroundings
  • Sports stadium facing plots
  • Dedicated fitness facilities for kids & senior citizens
  • Yoga, meditation and outdoor gym

Additionally, there are lakefront plots as well as Lord Krishna’s theme plots that are a perfect mix of opportunity and a peaceful environment.

Gaur Yamuna City is the first inhabited township next to Noida International Airport. The Yamuna Expressway is becoming a real estate hotspot, thanks to rapidly growing infrastructure and valuable investments that are a testament to its immense potential.

Thus, this is the right time to invest in residential plots on Yamuna Expressway, as the Gaur Yamuna City plot price is highly competitive and a profitable investment at this price.

The valuable investments are being made by leading business giants in the YEIDA region. The list includes-

  • Infosys, India’s second-largest software firm in its first phase will invest Rs 750 crores
  • Hiranandani Group to set up a semiconductor park with investment worth Rs 17,000 crores
  • Tech giant Microsoft to invest Rs 1800 crores
  • Patanjali Food Processing Park to invest Rs 1400 crores
  • Vivo, a Chinese mobile manufacturer to invest Rs 3500 crores
  • South Korean Samsung giant to invest Rs 4825 crores

Why investing in residential plots on Yamuna Expressway is a futuristic investment?

1- Good land appreciation – Yamuna Expressway has shown excellent growth figures in recent years. In just 3 years, the region has seen a rise of 38% in land rates, which is the highest in the country.

So if you invest today in plots on Yamuna Expressway, you are in for high returns on your investment.

2- Excellent location – Yamuna Expressway is near the upcoming Noida International Airport. With the coming of the airport, a population influx is happening, thus more demand for residential property in Yamuna Expressway.

New modes of transport are also coming up like the POD taxi, BRT, Monorail, ISBT, and RapidX, which makes perfect location pointers for any investor.

Thus, if you invest in plots in the region, you will enjoy easy connectivity to Delhi NCR and other cities around the region.

3- High ROI – Investing in the Yamuna Expressway region is a beneficial investment. This is because it promises high returns and huge profits as time progresses.

More people are investing in residential plots close to Noida International Airport because they anticipate a high increase in land rates.

4- Competitive Prices- On Yamuna Expressway, Gaur Yamuna city plot price is highly competitive. This is the right time to invest in these plots and earn good returns on your investment.

5- Portfolio diversification: To diversify your portfolio, investing in plots is a viable option. It is less risky to market fluctuations i.e. they are more stable in comparison to other inventories. 

Final Words

The world is coming at the Yamuna Expressway. Many big-ticket projects like the Film City, Textile Park, Medical Device Park, Toy Park etc are planned in the region.

In recent years land rates have shown significant increase in value. Once Noida International Airport becomes operational and these developments come along, the land value is going to witness new heights.

Consider investing in Gaur Yamuna City 7th Parkview, for the best of everything in one place.