Investing in real estate requires an open mind and knowledge regarding the market. It is important to know the trends in real estate which are taking over the market, like the popularity of studio apartments.

People tend to invest in studio apartments, and that’s why Gaursons India introduced studio apartments in Gaur Yamuna City, i.e., Gaur Runway Suites. Check out what makes Gaur Runway Suites better for studio apartment investors.

The rising demand for Studio Apartments

Studio apartment refers to the 1BHK apartment, where you can find everything in a compact space. These apartments are best for tenants who like to live in posh areas or close to offices but don’t want a large area.

The demand for studio apartments is rising rapidly as many builders include the units in their projects. For example, Gaur Yamuna City offers Runway Suites, where investors can find the whole building with residential studio apartments.

The reasons behind the rising demand for studio apartments in India are:

  1. Studio apartments are affordable and perfect for tenants who like to save money and live in a prime location.
  2. The apartments are energy-efficient as they require less electricity and power to run, and it is easier for the tenants to heat the apartment during winter.
  3. Studio apartments are easier to clean, and the maintenance cost is less. Therefore, people who come to urban areas for job opportunities find the studio apartment.
  4. Nowadays, people like to live in the appropriate space, especially alone. The studio apartment is the best option for people who like to live alone.

Gaur Yamuna City Studio Apartments

Gaur Yamuna City introduces a whole tower for studio apartments, i.e., Gaur Runway Suites and Gaur Aero Suites, for residential purposes. Runway Suites is a profitable real estate investment option that offers studio apartments at affordable prices with the best amenities and facilities.

For people who move from different places to get a job on Yamuna Expressway, Runway Suites is a perfect choice as they can get an apartment and enjoy the services. The property is made with modern architecture and designs, with an infinity pool and landscape party area.

Below the residential studio apartment, you can enjoy the commercial space with The Hub at Runway Suites. Some of the best amenities that you can find in the project are:

  • Infinity pool
  • Library
  • Shopping center
  • Restaurants
  • Community Hall
  • Security
  • Fitness center

What are the benefits of investing in Gaur Runway Suites?

Here are some benefits you can enjoy after investing in the Gaur Runway Suites, both monetary and facility-wise.

1. Location

The property is situated in the best place where residents can access different areas, including Noida, Delhi and some parts of the National Capital Region. It makes it easy for people who travel for job purposes.

2. Improving Infrastructure

The nearby Infrastructure of the project is improving at a good pace, and many other projects are also in the queue. With the completion of those projects, the property’s value will increase, which results in better ROI opportunities.

3. Established Commercial Facilities

Around the Gaur Runway Suites, you can find necessary and established commercial facilities, which include Buddh International Circuit Stadium, Noida International University and many more.

4. Jewar Airport

The Jewar Airport project is in phase 1, attracting many investors. Many commercial companies decided to open their plants around the Yamuna Expressway. Therefore, it increases employment opportunities and, thus, more demand for residential apartments.

How are the Gaur Runway Suites more profitable than other studio apartments?

Investing in the Runway Suite project is a good decision because of the well-developed architecture, facilities, and location inside the township, i.e., Gaur Yamuna City. The investors looking forward to investing in the Yamuna Expressway couldn’t find any more suitable studio apartment than Gaur Runway Suites.

Another reason for the investment in the Runway Suites project is the best price in the market and the best amenities. Other studio apartments wouldn’t offer the same amenities and surely don’t provide the property at a reasonable price, which is located at a posh location.

Should people go for the Gaur Runway Suites?

If you like to invest in studio apartments that give you profitable returns in the future, then the project is a perfect choice for you. It offers all the things the residents require to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

With the demand for studio apartments rising, choosing the right property for investment becomes an important factor. 

Apart from the residential studio apartments, you have the option for the commercial studio apartment, which includes Gaur Aero Suites. Gaur Aero Suites is good for investors who want to establish offices or a compact storage area for commercial properties in Gaur Yamuna City.