If you want to invest in the best commercial property in the Greater Noida region to get maximum returns, check out the properties in Gaur Yamuna City. Under the township, you can find a few commercial property investment options.

Therefore, if you are seeking the perfect opportunity for commercial property investment, check out the best options at Gaur Yamuna City.

Why do people consider commercial properties?

We have seen the downfall of the real estate market during the pandemic and lockdown period. The market is growing better than previous statistics, motivating other people to invest in residential and commercial properties.

  • The demand for commercial properties like Gaur Aero Suites is increasing, and the reasons behind this are:
  • The prime reason people invest in commercial properties is to get a profitable income. The income depends on the location, current economy and property demand.
  • Most of the tenants in the commercial properties are corporate people and bankers, which helps establish professional relationships with others. These relationships will help in future and provide the opportunity for further business.
  • The investors can enjoy a flexible lease. They can give it to tenants for 3 or 5 years and get a stable income for a long time.
  • It’s a profitable investment because the owner doesn’t have to bear the expenses on the commercial property before renting it out. The owner can give the raw commercial property, and all the costs inside the building, i.e., furniture, A.C., system, and others, have to bear by the tenants.
  • With more people looking to open their businesses and many young generations looking for start-ups, the demand for commercial spaces is increasing in the prime areas.

Best commercial properties in Gaur Yamuna City

Here are the best Gaur Yamuna City commercial properties for profitable investment options.

1. The Hub at Runway Suites

One of the demanding commercial properties in the township is The Hub at Runway Suites. It offers readymade space to investors for shopping complexes and retail shops in which they can establish their businesses.

The property is a perfect option for commercial investors who like to get good returns at an affordable commercial property.

Project Highlight

  • Established at Gaur Yamuna City township.
  • Provides Shops and complexes for investment purposes.
  • Above the Hub, you will find residential studio apartments in Runway Suites.
  • Suitable for conducting business as the investors can get several customers from the township.
  • Connectivity won’t be an issue in delivering the products because of the Yamuna Expressway. As the Expressway helps connect different areas, it is beneficial for conducting business.

2. Gaur Aerocity

It is one of India’s first commercial plots that cover 100% coverage area with a score of 9 F.A.R. (Floor Area Ratio). Investing in commercial property helps the customers to establish their production plant or offices accordingly.

However, if the investor doesn’t want to conduct any business, they can sell the land to another party or rent it out for a stable income. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in a commercial plot, Gaur Aerocity is a suitable choice.

Let’s check out the project’s highlights to learn more about it.

  • One of the good commercial plots for investors at a prime location.
  • Offers the best amenities and facilities, which helps in making the business better.
  • There are different advantages related to the Gaur Aerocity location, which includes Yamuna Expressway, Divya Multispecialty Hospital, Shri Dronacharya convent school, and many more.
  • Getting the right tenant is easy at Gaur Aerocity because of its location and other services.
  • Near the property, there are other commercial projects in the initial phase, which helps increase the project’s future valuation.

3. Gaur Aero Suites

You can check out the Gaur Aero Suites if you are looking for a commercial studio apartment for establishing office space and storing the goods related to the retail store. All the commercial studio apartments are available at the best price with the best amenities, which makes you comfortable.

The ground area is filled with commercial shops, and the rest of the tower has commercial studio apartments.

Key features related to Gaur Aero Suites

  • The architecture of the Gaur Aero suites is unique and contemporary.
  • One of the best and most affordable commercial studio apartments.
  • Situated close to the Yamuna Expressway.
  • The investors enjoy the benefits of the Yamuna Expressway related to connectivity.

Is choosing the commercial property at Gaur Yamuna City a good option?

Considering all the benefits and the project’s location, all the commercial properties in the GYC are profitable options for the investors, which gives them better ROI. You can check out the commercial properties available in the township to select the right one.