The National Capital Region’s real estate hotspot periodically shifts its epicentre every now and then. The real estate market, the status of the economy, and growth prospects are the main determinants of this trend. 

Nonetheless, Gaur Yamuna City has to be a well-known name to investors who regularly invest in NCR. Furthermore, why not? Investors should give it their full attention, particularly those wishing to make investments in the National Capital Region. What sets this property apart is the budget at which it is available, making it a viable investment choice for everyone. 

However, whether you are a new investor or considering investing in the National Capital Region, you may want to consider what makes Gaur Yamuna City so special. 

As a result, we have included every factor that makes Gaur Yamuna City (GYC) unique in our blog post today. 

Gaur Yamuna City: An overview

Gaur Yamuna City is a world unto itself, spanning more than a million square metres on the Yamuna Expressway. Each investor can find something they like in this integrated, self-sustaining township. 

The township provides a variety of investment opportunities, with over ten distinct real estate developments presently under development. You have every choice, whether you’re searching for a villa in Gaur Yamuna City or a studio apartment on Yamuna Expressway. 

With wide roads, international schools, landscaped gardens, lakes, high street retail options, and shopping centres, you have all the amenities necessary for a contemporary lifestyle. 

Here are some of the most distinctive features of the project:

  • Guest room facilities with banquet halls
  • Swimming pools
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Wifi
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Leisure facilities 

What makes properties in GYC township suit everyone?

Properties in GYC are highly affordable. This is due to many factors that include competition, developing infrastructure and the opportunity to make early investments. 

Here are some reasons why properties offered at GYC are a great option for everyone. 

  • Location

The township is located on Yamuna Expressway connecting Delhi to Mathura and Agar. The Yamuna Expressway belt has attracted mammoth investments in the last few years promising huge job creation. Moreover, the township is one of the first inhabited townships that is just minutes away from the upcoming Noida International Airport. 

  • Promising Connectivity 

Another reason that makes investments at GYC a great choice is the multimodal connectivity the area promises. The area will be connected to Delhi and adjacent locations through Metro Rail, Pod Taxi, RRTS and BRT. 

  • Secured Investment & Flexible choices

Developments and projects in Gaur Yamuna City are acknowledged by RERA, and YEIDA. Besides that the strong brand value of the Gaurs Group makes it a trustable choice among investors. 

However, there are many development projects in GYC like Gaur Victorian Villas that offer Villas for sale within the township. These are great options for investors who are looking for varieties to add into their portfolio. 

  • Infrastructure Development

Yamuna Expressway is home to numerous infrastructure that are already up and running along with many that are currently ongoing. These developments make sure that the area has a rich leisure along with all the basic physical infrastructure that is required for a quality lifestyle. 

Here are some of the developments to keep in mind:

  • Buddh International Racing Circuit
  • Textile Park
  • International Cricket Stadium
  • Olympic Village
  • Data Centers 

Real estate of Yamuna Expressway is fastly growing since the area is currently receiving high demand from foreign players and top Indian MNCs. 

  • Future Demand

In the next 10 to fifteen years, the region’s population is expected to grow to approximately four million people. This is a result of the enormous amount of jobs that will be created on the Yamuna Expressway once the IT parks and manufacturing facilities open. When that occurs, there will be a great demand from tenants for rentals, and investors will be able to take advantage of both capital gain and consistent rental income. 

This is advantageous for Gaur Victorian Villas investors since a rising population will lead to a demand for services and recreational facilities. This will provide significant growth opportunities and strengthen the local economy.  

  • Affordability-

Gaur Yamuna City plots are very affordable compared to other NCR regions like Delhi and Gurugram. The major reason behind the affordability is the housing schemes by the state government and the chance to make early investments. 

The Final Verdict

Gaur Yamuna City plots offer excellent connectivity, a strategic positioning, and will be close to major areas of employment and education in the future. These attributes make them highly suitable for growth and good returns.

This is when Gaur Yamuna City’s reasonable price, investment security, and state-of-the-art amenities come together to make it an extremely safe choice.

In addition to increasing investor confidence in the region, RERA and YEIDA ensure that all real estate projects in the area are compliant with the law. Additionally, the anticipated increase in population will benefit those who purchase properties in Gaur Victorian Villas since they will be in high demand once the population increases.