Are you new to real estate investment and looking for the perfect opportunity regarding the investment option? It is seen that many people have decided to invest in real estate, but they couldn’t decide which one is best for them since they entered the market for the first time.

If you are one of them and looking to invest in the commercial section, check out the Gaur Yamuna City township properties. Let’s check out more facts related to the project.

Why are commercial properties good options for first-time investors?

Confusion among people related to commercial and residential property is always present, especially for first-time investors. They couldn’t decide which was more profitable for them in the long run: commercial property or residential one.

Therefore, let’s determine the benefits of investing in commercial properties like Gaur Aero Suites Yamuna Expressway and whether it’s a good decision.

· Good returns on investment for a longer time

Commercial properties are a good investment option where you can profit for a long time because of the long leases. Commercial property returns and rental yields are higher than residential properties.

Therefore, if you are entering into real estate properties, then commercial properties are a good option for you to start with.

· Low maintenance and capital investment

Investment in commercial property is less as the tenants take care of the expenses because they have to set up the offices according to their needs. Therefore, you don’t need to work on the furnishing or maintenance costs.

You will enjoy the rental income with fewer expenses, and that’s why it’s a good investment option for investors.

· Helps in building a professional relationship

Most commercial property tenants are corporate people and bankers, which helps you build good relationships with them. Thus, it supports the business-to-business conversation, which would benefit you in the future.

· Flexibility in lease agreements

Commercial property lease agreements are usually 3-5 years, but you can make the lease accordingly. You have the upper hand in the lease agreements as the owner, which gives you the right to make flexible lease agreements.

Therefore, let’s check out the commercial properties established in the Gaur Yamuna City township.

Gaur Yamuna City and established commercial properties

Gaur Yamuna City is an established township at the Yamuna Expressway that offers the best commercial and residential properties for investment. Under the township, you can enjoy world-class amenities, facilities, and affordable investment options.

The properties in the township in the GYC for commercial investment are Gaur Aero Suites, The Hub at Runway Suites and Gaur Aerocity. Each property has different features, making them perfect for investment purposes.

For example:

  • The Hub at Runway Suites is perfect for you if you plan to open a retail shop or invest in a shopping complex.
  • Similarly, Gaur Aero Suites offers a commercial studio apartment with enough space to convert into an office.
  • Gaur Aerocity is the commercial plot/land where you can set up your industrial plant or office from the start at a prime location. The location is ideal for opening a grocery store, arcade area, shopping complex, etc.

What are the benefits you can get after investing in Gaur Yamuna City?

The township offers many benefits to investors related to real estate investment. Therefore, let’s learn the benefits of investing in the Gaur Yamuna City township.

1. Good connectivity with other areas

Commercial investment is beneficial when the location is connected to other areas. It helps attract customers from other cities, which benefits the business financially. Therefore, setting up your business in Gaur Yamuna City through commercial property is a good decision.

Facilities related to commercial properties

In the township, you can enjoy the best amenities that will help you establish your business. Amenities like round-the-clock security, service escalators and lifts, and much more help you build your business and attract more investors towards your commercial property.

2. Infrastructure and upcoming projects

Infrastructure plays an important role in property appreciation as people like to invest where they can find the best infrastructure development. Infrastructure developments like highways, expressways, commercial properties and other necessary facilities near the project.

That’s why investing in the Gaur Yamuna City’s commercial properties is a beneficial option for you to get high returns in future.

3. Potential for higher returns

If you invest in commercial properties in the township, there is a high chance that you will get better returns at the time of resale. Also, it would be easy to find the tenants as the property is in a prime location.

Is GYC a good option for commercial investment?

Yes, the township is a perfect option if you want higher returns on your first investment. You can enjoy high returns and stable rental income through commercial investment in the township.