People are searching for the right investment option where they can get better returns and high-quality living. With different options present in the market, all the investors need to look for the profitable investment options in prime locations.

Thus, it’s time to know about the best investment options in Greater Noida like Gaur Yamuna City and see whether investing in the residential plot is better than apartments or not.

What is better for investment purposes: Commercial or Residential?

Places like Greater Noida and other prime areas have different options for investment. People aren’t sure where to invest their money like residential or commercial.

So, if you are planning to invest in an integrated township like Gaur Yamuna City, then it’s time to know about the best investment decision between residential and commercial.

Residential Property Commercial Property
Residential property is used for residential purposes like living with your family or as a bachelor. The purpose of commercial property is related to income generation and establishing business.
In the residential ones, there are different options for investment like Villas, apartments, plots and studio apartments. Options available in commercial projects are office spaces, retail shops, food courts and others.
The rental yield in residential projects is lower than in commercial ones. The rental yield in commercial projects is higher.
The risk factor in residential property is lower along with lower returns. The risk factor is higher along with higher returns.
The maintenance cost is lower especially if you invest in residential plots like 16th Park View Gaur Yamuna City. Commercial projects require higher maintenance costs than residential ones.
The tenants in residential projects are usually families and individuals who are looking for spaces near the offices. The tenants selected for commercial projects are businessmen and corporate people.
The demand for residential projects depends on economic conditions, population growth in the area and interest rates. The demand for the commercial projects depends on the upcoming industry trends and employment rates.


Thus, after comparing both projects, it’s clear that investing in both the options is a profitable choice. It depends on the investors’ preferences and the rising demand in the market.

For example, as the demand for the commercial plots is increasing in Greater Noida, people are shifting their interest towards Gaur Aerocity Commercial Plots. So, both residential and commercial projects are perfect for investment purposes but make sure to invest in posh areas.

A comparison between residential apartments and residential plots

People are showing their interest towards Gaur Yamuna City projects and seeing the best options to invest their money. However, choosing between residential plots and residential apartments is still one of the biggest confusions among investors.

Thus, it’s time to find out whether investing in residential apartments is better than residential plots or not.

Residential Apartments

Advantages of investing in Residential Apartments

  • Investing in apartments is a good option for income generation through stable rental income.
  • As compared to plots, apartments are affordable
  • If you choose to invest in residential apartments in a prime location like Gaur Yamuna City, then the chances of having profitable returns increase.
  • If you wish to sell the property and enjoy the returns, then apartments are easier to sell.
  • You don’t have to worry about the upfront cost as it’s easy to attract the tenants towards apartments.

Residential Plots

  • Investing in the residential plots like 16th Park View Gaur Yamuna City is a good choice because of the faster appreciation cost.
  • You can use the land accordingly. For example, you can build multi-storey house or villa at your convenience.
  • You can hold the land for profitable returns in future.
  • You can get the residential plots like 16th Park View Gaur Yamuna City at a good price as plots are less expensive when they are at the initial stage.
  • Plots depreciate at lower paces as compared to buildings.
  • There are no additional costs in residential plots till there’s a well-structure building.

So, both options are good to go for investment purpose. Also, if you like to earn quick money and a better stable income, then residential apartment is a good option. On the other hand, if you can wait or want to build your dream home in the perfect location, then book your space in 16th park view Gaur Yamuna City.

Why investing in Gaur Yamuna City at present is a wise decision?

Gaur Yamuna City is a trending investment option in Greater Noida that comes with different investment choices for the investors. Currently, the township is trending and bringing the best properties at the best price.

Thus, if you choose to invest in Gaur Yamuna City at present, then here are the benefits you can enjoy:

  • The township offers the best projects with top-class amenities.
  • Multiple investment options are present like residential apartments, commercial apartments, plots like 16th Park View Gaur Yamuna City, and commercial projects like retail shops.
  • There are high chances for property appreciation because of being located in prime areas and getting the projects at the best price.
  • The township is developed by the Gaursons Group which is a renowned name in the real estate market. Thus, investing in the projects gives you the upper hand which results in getting profitable returns.

Therefore, investing in the residential plots and apartments in Gaur Yamuna City is a good decision and allows you to focus on getting profitable returns.