Next to the upcoming Noida International Airport, the first inhabited township is Gaur Yamuna City, situated on the Yamuna Expressway. Spread over an expansive 1 million square meters, the township comprises upscale residential and commercial properties.

Developers of this huge township, a real estate treasure in Delhi NCR, are the renowned Gaursons group.

Over 400 families are already dwelling at Gaur Yamuna City, the most sought-after township along the Yamuna Expressway. The number is only going to rise as more infrastructure is built close to the township.

The region is seeing a massive influx of people as a result of infrastructure development and rising employment opportunities. Because of this, there is a sharp rise in demand for residential real estate along the Yamuna Expressway.

The residential properties in the township are-

  • Gaur Krishn Vilas
  • Gaur Victoria Villas
  • Gaur Aero Villas
  • 7th Parkview residential plots
  • Gaur Yamuna City 16th Parkview

Gaur Yamuna City- A safe haven for investors of all kinds

There are many properties in the township where you may invest and earn returns on your investment if you’re looking for apartments or villas. The land rates on Yamuna Expressway have increased by almost 38% in just three years, making it one of the highest-appreciating areas in the country. Hence, this place would be a better choice if you want to buy a Gaur Villas in Noida Extension.

Due to its excellent location, thoughtful amenities, and substantial returns, Gaur City near Jewar Airport is in high demand.

Among the most sought-after locations for investments are the excellent amenities that are:

  • Lake Park with a boating facility
  • Sports Park
  • 65% open green spaces
  • High-street retail
  • Tallest Lord Krishna’s 108 ft. statue
  • Peaceful surroundings and waterfront residences

Properties near the Yamuna Expressway are quickly rising to the top of investors’ lists because of their strong value growth and potential for large returns.

Gaur Yamuna City- Investment Options?

If you are looking for a Villa for Sale in Greater Noida, this self-sufficient township offers a variety of investment options.

The township’s top initiatives are:

  1. Gaur Krishn Vilas: These are residential plots and villas in Gaur Yamuna City. Gaur Krishn Vilas is offering heavenly homes that are serene and brimming with the beauty of Lord Krishna.
  2. Aero Villas, 7th Parkview, Gaur Lakeshore Villas, 1st A Park View, and Gaur Waterfront Plots, 1st-B Park View: These residential plots in the township are near High-street retail and commercial areas. These comprise the finest land prices and investment potential in Yamuna Expressway.
  3. Gaur Victorian Villas, 6th Parkview, 32nd Parkview, Gaur Yamuna City These properties are the best in the category of luxury villas that are ready to move into. These exquisitely built villas offer the highest level of comfort.
  4. There are some another my favourite property which is Gaur Yamuna City 16th Parkview offers independent floors and apartments with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms.

These plots and Villas are ideal for your investment if you’re searching for a Villa for Sale in Greater Noida.

Why is it a great opportunity to invest in Gaur Yamuna City? 

  1. Upcoming Infrastructure Developments: A number of industrial projects, including the Apparel Park, the Leather Park in Sector 28, and the Food Processing Park by Patanjali, North India’s first Medical Device Park, are scheduled to open soon.

The approximately 6.5 lakh jobs that these developments will create will result in high rental prices for flats in Gaur Yamuna City and increased foot traffic for businesses.

  1. Seamless Connectivity – Multi-modal connectivity, including BRT (Bus rapid transit), metro corridor, and POD Taxis, is on the list for providing smooth connectivity to Noida International Airport.

These modes will make it simple for city dwellers to commute in and out of the area.

  1. Priceless Investments: Yamuna Expressway is developing into a centre for international investments. Significant investments have been made, including ₹3500 crores from VIVO, the Microsoft India Development Center, and the establishment of branches by NTT, LG Electronics, Infosys, HCL, and Samsung.

The Bottom Line

The Yamana Expressway is becoming the most sought-after location for investments. The population of the region is predicted to increase to 40 lakh within the next 15 years, which is three times the current population.

Furthermore, the area is creating about 10 lakh jobs due to planned infrastructural improvements. Thus, one of the well-known residential and business areas close to the Noida International Airport is the Gaur Yamuna City project. Gaur Yamuna City on Yamuna Expressway is a more logical choice for homebuyers looking for Gaur Villas in Noida Extension.

A well-constructed system of highways, flyovers, and roads guarantees seamless connection. Furthermore, the township promises more significant economic growth and enormous profits thanks to its verdant green spaces and cultural and social hubs.

This integrated township offers a variety of alternatives at competitive pricing, making it a profitable investment.