Investors who actively pursue real estate in the National Capital Region (NCR) know that Yamuna Expressway is the current real estate hotspot. The upcoming Noida International Airport has stirred up the region’s realty market to new heights. The region has been one of the most appreciative areas in the country for the last few years.

Gaur Yamuna City (GYC), an integrated modern-age township on Yamuna Expressway, is one of the most demanded real estate near the Expressway. The township is a world in itself with medical facilities, an International School, artificial lakeshores, and ample greenery. GYC is home to several top developments like Gaur Lakeshore Villas and has a remarkable product mix to offer. One can simply rest assured that the property has something for everyone, no matter if you are looking for commercial or residential properties for sale.

Hence, today, we’ll dive deep into this massive development that spans more than a million acres and see the best housing options it provides.

Types of residential properties to buy in Gaur Yamuna City

Investing in residential property on Yamuna Expressway is a good choice for those who are looking to secure their future in the long term. Since the investment principles are affordable, one can easily start investing in top properties at a lower price.

Though the Yamuna Expressway region is not heavily populated currently, the estimation says that the region will have an increased population of over 4 million in the next few years. Once that happens, rental demands will increase, and you can make the most out of it through secured rental incomes. Besides that, a high population directly implies a high demand for homes, which will get you high capital appreciation as well.

These are the types of residential properties that are currently a viable choice in GYC:

  • Affordable flats & apartments of different sizes
  • Luxury apartments & penthouses
  • Villas and independent housing
  • Residential Plots

Gaur Lakeshore Villas are one of the best options if you are looking for an investment that is luxurious yet affordable. It promises all the amenities you need for a quality lifestyle and the serene view of the artificial lake is bound to leave you mesmerised.

However, if you want a more modern touch in your investment consider investing in Gaur Yamuna city 32nd Parkview. It not just offers modernised living but is also equipped with all the top features.

Is investing in Gaur Yamuna City worth it?

As an investor who is new to the real estate landscape of NCR, you must be wondering if this is the right time to invest on Yamuna Expressway. There are many who wonder if one should invest early or wait for a few years for the area to develop and then make an investment.

Such that, it is a valid consideration. Hence here are some of the reasons that suggest investing in Gaur Yamuna City 32nd Parkview is a great option.

  • Investments currently are pretty affordable, allowing investors with small capital to secure top properties.
  • Since the Yamuna Expressway region is making headlines every other day for its mammoth developments, inventories are filling fast.
  • Yamuna Expressway is one of the country’s most appreciative regions today, which means property prices will soon start increasing.
  • The upcoming Noida International Airport will soon start operations, which will increase the region’s economy and benefit early investors.
  • Compared to other areas, GYC is the first inhabited township next to the upcoming Noida International Airport. Hence, investing will be worth the capital.

How do you choose the best residential property in GYC?

Choosing the best residential property could be tricky, especially in a time when you have a lot of options to choose from. In this labyrinth of investment journeys, the skill to make the best investment is no rocket science and with a bit of self evaluation anyone can land up their dream property.

Here are some tips to consider while choosing the best residential property in Gaur Yamuna City that will get you a remarkable property.

  • Make sure you have your goals and objectives clear.
  • Consider knowing your budget and the maximum you can afford
  • Check out all the options that you have. It does not matter if you want a specific property since being knowledgeable helps you negotiate the best price for yourself.
  • Make sure you consult a RERA-registered real estate agent or consultancy firm.
  • Consider keeping your tax consultant in the loop so you know the tax benefits of the property you are investing in (if any).

The Final Verdict

An excellent investment opportunity presents itself to investors with first-rate facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a fantastic product mix at a reasonable price. Furthermore, convenient commuting is crucial for a high-quality lifestyle and may be achieved with strong connectivity in a desirable location.

Gaur Yamuna City needs to be your address if you’re interested in purchasing a residential property on Yamuna Expressway. As time goes on and the area’s population grows rapidly, properties in this area are sure to yield great returns on investment and guaranteed rentals.