Investments in real estate properties in the Delhi NCR are not rising but exponentially rising at greater levels. This zone serves as a real estate investment hub because of its connectivity to different cities.

It has state of the art roads both for internal and external commute. The region has good road networks and a well–established metro network. With regard to Delhi NCR, a trend is evident in the sense that residential properties are in great demand.

The two regions that are growing at a remarkable rate in NCR under the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority include Noida and Greater Noida. The major artery that not only connects these areas to the nearby cities, such as Agra and Mathura but also Lucknow, is the Yamuna Expressway.

This 165 km of 6 lane expressway (increaseable to 8) is one of the major expressways in India. The gold mine for NCR is the Yamuna Expressway region, as the area’s infrastructure is being expanded rapidly.

Industry giants from the global world are investing in the region. As commercial investments are increasing, job opportunities are also rising. A large number of population inflows are happening due to these global investments. The opportunity scale expands along with residential demand in the range of villas for sale on Yamuna Expressway.

Real estate investments in the area are growing steadily. Still, there are some important loose ends that one needs to tie before finding the perfect villas and apartments on Yamuna Expressway. Such points are important for safe and sound investments promising favourable returns.

Things to consider to buy best villas on Yamuna Expressway

  1. Specify your Budget- Beneath all investments, the finances are very important. One should set a budget before purchasing a property on Yamuna Expressway. The figure decided should be calculated as the maximum amount payable over and above, for which there are additional costs such as stamp duty and registration charges.
  2. Do a deep investigation- Investing in the real estate market largely depends on thorough research. Let’s take an example where if you search for a luxury villa on Yamuna Expressway, then dig out and know properties that provide alternatives to the project in the field. You should also focus on finding spaces that are affordable and fit your budget.
  3. Look for Trusted builders- always consider investing in projects undertaken by trusted builders as they have certainty of completion date and legal possession. A well-known developer significantly focuses on the quality of construction and luxury amenities in the property. In other aspects, a builder’s credibility leads to easy bank financing and good returns in future when it comes to resale value.

Regarding NCR, Gaursons Group is known for their premium construction & timely delivery. The group is developing a mega township near the upcoming Noida International Airport, Gaur Yamuna City. This built-in gated township offers multiple apartments, flats and luxury villas for sale on Yamuna Expressway like Gaur Lakeshore Villas.

  1. Select a trustworthy agent- Choose a trusted real estate agent who is an expert in understanding market trends and keeps track of recent developments. Select a reliable agent for a hassle-free home buying journey.
  2. Familiarisation with financing options- There are many financing options that have to be considered when buying a residential property on Yamuna Expressway. There are several other ways for home ownership, namely, home loans or mortgage schemes which enable you to make a comfortable investment.
  3. RERA approved- Consider a reputed project that has been accredited under the RERA Act 2016. When the investment is made in a RERA-registered project, it changes the process of buying a home from being opaque to more reliable.
  4. Negotiation Skills: This is also one of the vital components after you have determined which luxury villa on Yamuna Expressway have to be invested. Assuming you have found a suitable property matching the requirements and preferences, make an effort to pursue negotiations with the seller. This will let you make a property purchase that works within your budget.

Best Investment Option on The Yamuna Expressway

Gaur Yamuna City is one of the finest developments near the upcoming Noida International Airport. It has various residential investment options that promise high value appreciation and promising returns. The diverse range of villas for sale on Yamuna Expressway in the township are available in different sizes.

A few reasons that make Gaur Yamuna City one of the most desired locations for real estate investments are-

  • It is on the Yamuna Expressway and close to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, which offers smooth connectivity from one area to another.
  • The upcoming infrastructure, like Toy Park, Film City, and Textile Park, will ensure high property value appreciation.
  • The properties have the potential to give good ROI to investors. It is because of the affordable pricing and prime location.

Regarding villas in the township, the different villas also have specific themes in their overall design. From lakefront villas to Krishn Vilas to Gaur Sports Villas, you are in for a perfect community lifestyle once you invest in the township.

Krishn Vilas make for divine residential spaces, with calm and peaceful interiors soaked in Lord Krishna’s charm. Sports villas are for sports lovers and those who are health conscious. It allows you to stay close to lush green surroundings and overlook a stadium to fulfil your thirst for fitness.


The increasing real estate developments on the Yamuna Expressway coincide with the area’s increasing global value. Many global companies have laid their sights on this market, trying to profit from it because of the excellent potential for high yields and huge value appreciation.

Yamuna Expressway ensures easy connectivity and accessibility for those purchasing villas for sale on Yamuna Expressway. Additionally, the region also provides greater chances for economic development and profits as infrastructure continues to expand. It is a lucrative investment opportunity for investors and homebuyers to invest in the region as it provides various options. These options are of high quality and are within a reasonable pricing segment.