Gaur Yamuna City brings out many real estate opportunities for investors, which have the potential to get good ROI in future. However, if you want a residential investment property located near the commercial area, check out the Gaur Aerocity property.

Let’s check out the facilities and amenities that Gaur Aerocity offers, which makes it a top choice for residential and commercial property investors.

Greater Noida, A perfect spot for the real estate investment

Many builders develop new projects in posh places, with people becoming aware of real estate properties. Greater Noida is becoming everyone’s favourite who wants profitable returns and is looking to invest in the NCR region at a reasonable price.

With the introduction of the Gaur Yamuna City and other projects in the township, like Gaur Aerocity and other projects, the demand for the properties is increasing rapidly around the area. At present, investing in the GYC, Greater Noida, is a good decision because of the growth and development of the infrastructure along with the best amenities for the investors.

World Class Amenities and Facilities by Gaur Aerocity

Real estate investment is not a small thing for any investors, especially those who are working-class and need to save money to invest in projects. If you are planning to invest in the Gaur Aerocity, know about the amenities and facilities that help you make your life comfortable at the location.

Some of the best amenities that the residents can enjoy in Gaur Aerocity, which helps in making their lifestyle better, are a swimming pool, Gym, Multipurpose Hall, a well-planned visitor parking facility and sewage Treatment Plant, Lobby, Food court, garden for the nature lover and internal street light systems.

When the nearby infrastructure of Aerocity location is developed and functional, it brings out more facilities for the residents, including the connectivity with the metro and Mono rail projects by the government,

Why Gaur Aerocity considered a profitable property?

  • Located near the Yamuna Expressway and becoming India’s first commercial property with 100% ground coverage, Gaur Aerocity is everyone’s favourite for real estate investment. Many investors came forward to put their trust in the Gaurson’s new commercial project, which proved to be a profitable property because of the following reasons:
  • The project is near the Yamuna Expressway, installed with an Intelligent Transport System, which shortens the distance   between Delhi, Agra, Kanpur, Mathura and other regions of Noida.
  • Because of the well-connected roads, more people can visit the Gaur Aerocity, which eventually increases the business.
  • When the upcoming projects are completed, the tourist attraction will increase because of Noida International Airport, and the  prices of the Gaur Aerocity will start increasing rapidly.
  • The project offers the best amenities, which helps in improving the business and the owner’s lifestyle.
  • Many other established commercial properties near the Gaur Aerocity include Divya Multispecialty Hospital, Buddh International Circuit Stadium, and Canara Bank.

Why Amenities and Facilities are important parts of real estate investment?

It is important to look at the amenities and facilities before investing in any property. Amenities help enhance the property’s valuation by offering comfort and enjoyment to the investors. Many investors choose the property based on the amenities they are getting, including facilities for different age groups.

Amenities and facilities help keep the mind fresh and enhance the investors’ lifestyle. Some of the amenities that must be present in all commercial properties are:

  • Conference facilities
  • Fast and reliable Wi-fi
  • Parking facility
  • Dining area
  • Fitness centres like Yoga Areas or Fully-equipped Gyms
  • Security and CCTV surveillance
  • Waiting Area

Gaur Aerocity is offering all these amenities to ensure investors can get profitable returns in the future.

How is Gaur Aerocity beneficial for the residents of Gaur Yamuna City?

Gaur Aerocity is a commercial property in the township of Gaur Yamuna City. When the investor opens a business at Gaur Aerocity, like retail shops or restaurants, they can get customer attraction from the residents at GYC.

Similarly, if any established food chain company decides to invest in Gaur Aerocity to open their outlet, it helps increase the residential value of the nearby properties. Therefore, investing in the Gaur Aerocity is profitable, and the investors can enjoy the best amenities to live comfortably.


Gaur Aerocity is a good opportunity for commercial property investors where they can enjoy the best amenities and facilities that help improve their property’s valuation. These amenities help improve the investor’s life and make their work easier.

Therefore, you can check out the list of amenities at Gaur Aerocity and see the benefits of investing in commercial property at a posh location.