Looking for profitable commercial real estate investments at affordable prices? You will find many commercial properties in Gaur Yamuna City township with all the benefits and facilities. Before investing in commercial property, knowing which type of commercial property is beneficial is important.

Therefore, let’s check out the different types of commercial real estate opportunities in Gaur Yamuna City and which ones are more profitable for you.

Benefits investing in the Commercial Property Investment

Commercial real estate property includes shopping malls, retail shops, warehouses, office spaces, and anything that helps generate income through business or rental. Investing in the Commercial plots in Gaur Yamuna City and other commercial properties brings out many advantages for real estate investors:

  • The major advantage of investing in commercial property is getting a high rental income. The rental yield in commercial properties is in double digits and higher than the residential properties. Also, if the property is located at a prime location with heavy customer traffic, then the value of the rental yield can increase rapidly.
  •  Commercial property owners didn’t have to worry about furnishing or other expenses. Most offices set up the furnisher and systems according to their requirement and follow their guidelines. Therefore, the commercial property owner offers the raw property to the tenants, which helps them save money compared to residential properties.
  • Most of the tenants in the commercial property are corporate people, bankers, and retail shop owners. The rental yield gets appreciated if one section of the commercial property, like Commercial plots in Gaur Yamuna City, is owned by reputed businesses.
  • The lease duration in commercial properties is longer than the residential properties, which results in stable income for a longer time.

What are the different types of commercial properties beneficial for investment?

Before investing in commercial properties, let’s check out the types of properties the GYC offers for better investment opportunities.

  1. Office Space

The office spaces are categorized into two categories, i.e., Urban and Suburban buildings. Urban Office spaces are found in big and metropolitan cities, which include high-rise properties and skyscrapers.

The Suburban office spaces are smaller than Urban office spaces like Studio Apartments in Gaur Yamuna City, which can be converted into office space as well. There are other ways to rank commercial buildings, which include Class A, Class B, and Class C.

  1. Retail Shops

Retail shops consist of shopping centers, general shops, and retail centers, which can be multi-tenant or single-tenant. In the Multi-tenant retail shop, the type of retail shop is described according to the shop’s size, type, and number of tenants.

In a single-tenant retail shop, shop is rented by national chain companies like McDonalds or Burger King. There’s also a pad site with a single-tenant building inside a commercial area like a bank or hospital.

  1. Industrial Building

Industrial buildings are usually located in sub-urban areas where the transportation routes are well-connected to other parts. Some of the low-rise buildings can also be a part of industrial parks. The industrial properties are categorized into Heavy Manufacturing, Light assembly, bulk warehouse, and flex industrial.

  1. Multifamily Propertie

Any single entity owning five or more residential apartments, like Studio Apartments in Gaur Yamuna City, is considered a commercial property. It covers all types of residential apartments, like condos, townhomes, and others.

The multifamily properties are further classified into different categories like Class A, Class B, and Class C.

  1. Hotel properties

The Hotel sector provides accommodation, food, and comfort to their guests that, help them to earn money. The hotel properties can be standalone like Boutique hotels or a part of hotel chains like Marriott or Taj.

  1. Special Purpose Properties

Commercial real estate investors own the special purpose, but it doesn’t fall into the above categories. For example, amusement parks, bowling alleys, churches, and other falls in special-purpose properties.

Is it the right moment to invest in the commercial properties?

As there are different properties available in the real estate market for investment at affordable prices, like Commercial plots in Gaur Yamuna City, the chances of getting a good ROI increase for the investors. If you are interested in commercial property investment, it would be best to invest now.

With the demand for real estate increasing and more people showing interest in commercial property investment, it is the right moment to go with it.


Commercial real estate property is a great opportunity for real estate investors to get stable rental income for longer time. Still, it is also important to choose the right type of commercial property. With the given information, you will learn about commercial property types for investment purposes. It helps you to select the right and profitable commercial property according to the demand of that specific area.