Real estate on Yamuna Expressway is the new big thing in the NCR. Owning a property at this new economic powerhouse secures you a future of possibilities and high capital.

The increasing demand for real estate calls for new trends in the market as well. And currently, the trend focuses on investing in studio apartments. Simply put, commercial studio apartments are the fresh blossom of properties that everyone wants to own.

The reason is the smaller ticket size of the properties and the flexibility it offers to customise the property the way you want. As such, Gaur Yamuna City’s studio apartments are receiving much attention from investors who want to make a significant investment at an affordable price.

Today, let’s get to the bottom of the unique investment prospect and unlock the investment potential of owning a commercial studio apartment in the Yamuna Expressway region.

Studio apartments in Gaur Yamuna City: What makes it a great investment choice

The success of any real estate property depends on its location, more so if it’s a commercial property. However, investment in Gaur Yamuna City is a great addition to your investment portfolio. Here’s why:

  • Location: Commercial studio apartments in Gaur Aero Suites are centrally placed on the Yamuna Expressway; commuting to neighbouring hubs such as Film City, Jewar Airport, and potential job hubs is convenient.
  • Facilities & Amenities: Properties get a wealth of contemporary features that provide excellent value for money. The township’s planned development appeals to those with high purchasing power and promises high-quality living with high-street retail.
  • Future potential: The township will see significant capital appreciation in the upcoming years due to the several anticipated infrastructure development plans in the vicinity of Gaur Yamuna City. It is anticipated that four million people live in the Yamuna Expressway region. As a result, Gaur Aero Suites will be a wise business decision.
  • Proximity to International Airport: The township is situated close to the soon-to-be Jewar Airport. Currently, it is the only township close to the airport that is ready to move into, just a 25-minute drive away.

An Affordable and Secured Investment

Investing in GYC is an affordable choice. Thanks to the current ongoing development of the region, the area is not highly populated. Also, the mammoth developments, the choice of different real estate properties from many top developers, and the prices here are quite competitive.

Knowing the price trends and doing proper research will help you decide whether you will negotiate the best price for yourself.

Also, if you are looking to add a secured investment into your portfolio, Gaur Aero Suites of Gaur Yamuna City is an amazing choice for several reasons. Here are how your investments here are secured:

  • RERA approved properties
  • YEIDA’s supervision of all ongoing developments at the Yamuna Expressway region
  • Top developer brand of Gaurs Group in NCR
  • Trend of price appreciation in the region promising high returns

Growing Micro markets on Yamuna Expressway

Situated in Greater Noida on the Yamuna Expressway, Gaur Yamuna City is rather close to the Jewar International Airport, which is currently under construction. Together, these represent a significant market for the future, and both the local government and business sector are actively developing a lot of infrastructure in these areas.

Considering that, Gaur Yamuna City will be greatly impacted by the expansion of these micro markets. Investing here will provide you with steady rental income due to the expanding population in the surrounding areas.

Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Jewar International Airport
  • IT Parks and Data Centers
  • Textile and manufacturing hubs
  • Medical Device and Food Parks
  • Film City

How to choose the best Gaur Yamuna City studio apartment

There is no direct shortcut to making the right decision in investment since it depends on several individual factors. However, there are certain factors that make sure your investments might produce high returns.

  • Make sure you have your budget and finances sorted before you start looking for properties.
  • Make sure you choose a RERA registered real estate consultant
  • Include your tax and legal advisor while making the investment
  • Try knowing the tax saving options, if any
  • Understand the additional charges beforehand

Final Verdict

If you are an investor who wants to make it big in the real estate of NCR, this is the perfect time to get started. Given the high potential for development, the real estate of the region will see high demand in the future.

Thus, investing in a commercial studio apartment on Yamuna Expressway will be worth it. Since the ticket size of the investment is quite reasonable and it offers customization, it makes a great choice. Yamuna Expressway is bound to be well connected to all the major NCR destinations through metro, pod taxi, BRT, RRTS, and more. Also, once the Noida International Airport comes into operation, the region will have major logistic corridors that will facilitate businesses in the region.