Are you interested in buying a commercial plot at the prime location? If you are planning to invest your money in real estate, whether residential or commercial, then choosing the right location is an important task among others.

However, many investors are moving towards Greater Noida for commercial property investments. Let’s find out why investing in commercial plots in Greater Noida is a profitable option for real estate investors.

Is it a good choice to invest in Commercial properties?

Every real estate, whether residential or commercial, has pros and cons. Therefore, let’s check out the benefits regarding the investment in commercial properties like the commercial property of Gaur Yamuna city plots and others and see how it helps the investors to get good ROI in the future.

1. High Rental Returns

The biggest advantage of investing in commercial properties is getting high rental incomes. If we compare the rental yields of commercial and residential properties, then commercial real estate properties are the clear winner.

The rental yields of commercial properties are usually in double digits, and if the location is good with more customer attraction like Gaur Aerocity, it can go from 12-15% easily. Commercial properties are a good choice if the investor wants to earn by renting out the properties.

 2. Ease in dealing with the Tenants

Commercial property tenants are usually businessmen, bankers, and corporate people who want to book the property to establish their offices. Therefore, it makes it easy for the investors as they don’t have to run around to get their rents or face problems like rent delays, property damage, etc.

These companies take the building at lease for a long time to avoid an issue for the owner. Also, if corporate companies or bankers’ book one floor or section of the building, there would be an appreciation in the rental yields.

3. No furnishing Cost

The owners didn’t have to worry about the furnishing cost. The tenants who want to invest in the best commercial properties in Gaur Aerocity and nearby areas bear all the furnishing costs. Usually, the offices set up the system and other furniture according to their designs.

Therefore, the owner didn’t have to bear the furniture and other amenities’ cost.

Why is Greater Noida a good location for commercial property investment?

Many projects are coming up in Gaur Yamuna city plots and Gaur Yamuna city, attracting many commercial property investors. Therefore, let’s find out why Greater Noida is a good choice for commercial real estate investors.

  • Rapid Expansion

Greater Noida has seen rapid growth in the present years. From being an old village to becoming the center of many commercial and residential properties at Gaur Yamuna city plots, Greater Noida passed the milestone in 4 decades. Nowadays, Greater Noida is well-connected with different areas like Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and other NCR parts.

Apart from the connectivity, investors can find different big companies, industrial areas, and offices in Greater Noida because of the amenities and facilities.

  • Well-developed connectivity to Delhi and other cities

Many offices decided to move towards Greater Noida properties like the Gaur Yamuna city plots and set up their offices because of the great connectivity towards New Delhi through Noida- Greater Noida Expressway.

Also, the metro plays an important role in connectivity as it makes it easy for people to travel in less time who are coming from Delhi and other areas to Greater Noida. The Yamuna Expressway connects the area with other cities like Agra and Mathura, bringing more people and improving commercial real estate.

  • Established IT companies and Education Institutions

In Greater Noida, there are many established IT companies, including Wipro, NIIT, Aggreko Energy, and many more, which help get more customers and a regular flow of customers. Apart from the established companies, educational institutions are present near the Gaur Aerocity and Yamuna City, including Amity University, Galgotia University, Sharda University, and many more.

It also attracts students and teachers from other parts of India to Greater Noida.

  • Completion of the upcoming projects

Many ongoing projects will increase the price of commercial properties in the future. The projects like Jewar Airport and upcoming IT industries will attract foreign tourist as well and helps in improving the prices of commercial properties. Some of the properties perfect for commercial investment are established near the Yamuna Expressway, including Gaur Aerocity.


Greater Noida will be a great opportunity for commercial property investors as the location is filled with well-developed connectivity and modern infrastructure. These things will help your business grow and ensure that the investors can get better ROI on commercial properties near the area.

Also, make sure that you select the right property at right location to get maximum benefit. If the property is at prime location, then it won’t be hard to find the tenants for the commercial property.