Do you wish to invest or live where you can get all amenities and services near your house and there’s no connectivity issue regarding other areas? Nowadays, people want to utilize their time and upgrade their lifestyle according to the trends.

Thus, a perfect investment opportunity is waiting for you at a vast township, i.e., Gaur Yamuna City. Here, you can invest in different properties that come with unique features. So, let’s check out what makes the township a better place for you to live and invest.

Gaur Yamuna City: Perfect Place to invest and Live with your family

Gaur Yamuna City is a perfect investment opportunity for people looking forward to upgrading their lifestyle with the best amenities and facilities in a good location. In the big township, you can invest in the residential option for future returns.

Even if you don’t want to resell your property or rent it out, they are also perfect for living purposes. You can stay in luxurious villas with spacious bedrooms and living areas with modern kitchen appliances.

The Gaur Yamuna City Yamuna Expressway has Parkview and Lakeview properties, which offer a scenic view and helps you to enjoy time in the calm and presence of nature. Therefore, it’s a perfect option for you to live with your family and enjoy the benefits of the big township.

Profitable and best commercial and residential options at the township

Under the township, there are different investment options for residential and commercial purposes. Here are some of the best options to invest your money to get the best results, and they are suitable for residential purposes.

  • For residential property, you have Gaur Krishna villas for luxurious villas and Gaur Runway Suites for affordable studio apartments.
  • Opportunities for residential plots are Gaur Aerovillas, Sports Villas, Gaur Waterfront plots, Gaur Lakeshore Villas and 7th Parkview residential plots.
  • Commercial properties that are present in the township are Gaur Aero Suites and The Hub at Runway Suites.
  • There’s an option for commercial plots in the Gaur Aerocity, where you can get your hands on commercial land and engage in business activities.

More Information about Gaur Yamuna City in brief

Gaur Yamuna City Address

Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida, UP

Investment Options

Residential and commercial

Property Types

Independent apartments, studio apartments, villas and plots

Developer name

Gaursons India


Yamuna Expressway

Price Range

Reasonable and best in the market


Unique Points Regarding Gaur Yamuna City

Let’s check out the unique points that make the township a perfect investment opportunity for investors and attract people from other cities.

   1. Dedicated Krishna Theme

In the township, there’s a whole housing society dedicated to the Lord Krishna theme, including clubs Vrindavan and Nidhivan. The housing society is best for the Krishna devotees who want to live positively and feel him around them.

The luxurious Gaur Krishna Villa is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is a perfect place for your family to live in a peaceful environment.

   2. World’s best amenities and facilities

In Gaur Yamuna City, different amenities and facilities are present, which help increase the customer’s lifestyle and ensure comfortable living. Some of the top-class amenities and services that you will find in the township are:

  • Recreational areas like Parks, jogging tracks and fitness centres.
  • Activity area for the kids
  • Safety and surveillance equipment like CCTV cameras, fire extinguishers and others.
  • Sports area for outdoor sports like cricket, basketball, and badminton.
  • Gated community with commercial properties inside the township.

Many more amenities and facilities are available, making it a perfect choice for investment options.

   3. Vast Township

One of the things which makes Gaur Yamuna City a unique spot in the Greater Noida region is the vast township at Yamuna Expressway. The property is spread over thousands of square meters with different investment options, including commercial and residential properties.

As the township is big, you can find almost everything inside the premises, minimizing going out and making it safe for the residents, especially small kids.

   4. Affordable and reasonable price properties

You won’t find a better deal than Gaur Yamuna City, which offers the best properties at affordable prices with the best services. Usually, property prices at the prime location are costly because of connectivity, infrastructure development and other factors.

However, at Gaur Yamuna City, the properties are available at the best price despite the infrastructure development, like Gaur Yamuna City near Jewar airport and others. Therefore, if you want good returns on your investment, Gaur Yamuna City is the perfect choice.

   5. Commercial and Residential Properties in the same place

At Gaur Yamuna City, you will find residential and commercial properties in the same place, increasing the investment option and helping you get a better return. Both properties are in the same place, which helps the residents get all the necessary items near their houses.

Therefore, Gaur Yamuna City is the best place to invest and live with your family as it gives you a sense of community living and better amenities to enjoy your stay.