Do you want to invest in residential properties for stable income and better ROI? Before proceeding with the residential property investment, it is essential to know about the types of residential real estate properties available in the investment market.

Let’s check out the types of residential properties that Gaur Yamuna City offers to investors and see which kind is better for profitability and source of income.

What makes residential properties better than commercial ones?

In residential properties, you can invest in apartments, villas, and houses where the investors can live or rent them out to the tenants. The investment in residential properties like Krishna villa Gaur Yamuna City is lower than commercial properties, making it a prime choice for real estate investors as they can get more profit with less investment.

Also, in the case of commercial properties, the value of the properties can go down drastically when the market is low. Residential properties don’t have to face these things as the value stays stable because of the demand and the upcoming projects of established companies in the area.

Residential properties also help in saving house tax as if the house properties are bought with a home loan, then it qualifies for the tax break under the act of Income-Tax Act. Also, investors can get home loans easily for residential properties and get returns faster than for commercial properties.

What are the different types of residential properties for investment?

Many residential properties are available for investment in Gaur Yamuna City, like Gaur Yamuna City 7th Parkview, Victoria Villas, and many more. However, choosing the right type of residential property is necessary so that you can get a better profit margin.

Therefore, let’s check out the different types of residential properties available in the market.

1.  Flats/Apartments

A flat/apartment is part of a larger building where you can find several units. Apartments are the most popular residential property investment because of their availability in high-rise and low-rise tower locations. The benefits of investing in the flats/apartments consist of less maintenance, security, and area.

For example, Gaur Yamuna City 7th Parkview offers units with complete security surveillance at a prime location. Also, the maintenance cost is less than for houses and bungalows, as the owners bear the maintenance cost.

2.  Villas

Villas come under the luxurious part of residential properties and are suitable for private spaces with all the best amenities. Villas are private structured areas with modern facilities to improve the lifestyle.

Krishna Villa Gaur Yamuna City is a prime example of one of the best villas in Gaur Yamuna City, which offers modern amenities like a swimming pool, parks, gym, and others. The benefit of owning a Villa is that the owner can get the land and terrace area. They can modify or recreate the area accordingly.

3.  Row Houses

These are the single-family houses in which there’s a wall between every two houses placed in a row. It is one of the ideal choices for middle-class people because these residential properties are affordable, and the family gets a chance to live in a community and bond with the neighbors easily.

However, the row houses don’t come up with parking spots, gyms, and other amenities.

4.  Penthouse

Penthouse is found in high-rise buildings, usually on the topmost floor with a great view. These properties come in luxurious residential properties which offer advanced technologies and the best amenities. Penthouses are different from Villas like Krishna Villa Gaur Yamuna City because of the view from the topmost floor.

Most of the penthouses are located near the hospital, theaters, schools, and shopping complexes so that the person can easily access all the facilities.

5.  Bungalows

Bungalows are an example of independent living, which are made from scratch and usually come with a one-story building. The owner can change the design of the bungalow as they like because they can enjoy complete freedom.

Bungalows are better for old-age people because they don’t have to climb up or come down again and again. It also offers privacy as the property offers ample living spaces, which are detached and semi-detached.

6.  Duplex

The duplex is built on two floors which are connected by stairs. These properties are best for prominent families and help investors get better rental income. The owner can split the area and rent it out to two people or rent out one floor with the owner living on another.

Should the investors go for the residential real estate properties at present?

Following the market condition of residential properties like Krishna Villa Gaur Yamuna City and others, the market is believed to be in an excellent position to invest in the residential property. With different options at affordable prices, people can check out the properties to invest and get handsome returns in the future.


If you want to invest in residential properties that can give you a better return and improve their valuation, check out the properties in Gaur Yamuna City.

With the upcoming infrastructure development, different types of residential properties, and establishment of IT hubs, the value of the properties in GYC will increase and prove profitable for investors.